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First, props for lopez as Buck's most important player. Thing is, Im not so keen on milwaukee with dame. Im of the minority opinion Lillard is overrated (see, defense). Middlton is not who he was two years ago. Never will be. And giannis, great as he is, seems to have taken a half step back. I dont know...and now a rookie coach. A friend of the star. Im not feeling it. But....i love indiana. jarace walker i would have taken #1 in the draft. Seriously. Mathurin needs to learn defense but he will. A bit. Trade buddy hield (you have mathurin). Halliburton is a stud. Bruce Brown was a great pick up (props to me for pimping for BB out of Miami, where lonnie walker jr was his backcourt mate). Myles turner is an odd guy, as a player. I dont know how to evaluate him. Is he even good? But they got jarace, thats all that matters. (and nembhard is good and rick carlise is HOF). Cleveland i dont know. They should be better. I dont believe in garland and mitchell together. Mobley ...someone compared him to lamar odom (maybe david thorpe) and thats a great comp. Remember how odom ended up. yeah. But jarrett allen needs a redemption tour. I think cavs take a step back. (Love okoro though). Now detroit. Jalen Duren will be an all star. Wiseman doesnt want to be an NBA player. He has the ability but not the motivation. Ivey sucks. God i hate guys who play like ivey. And the problem for monty is what to do with cade. I mean the guy is good, but he's not close to great. He is a good starter on a good team. But he isnt going to carry the team. (and you are likely right he isn't really a pg) .Have you noticed the shooting line for Auser Thompson first two games? Its like 2 for 20 ...roughly. He sucks. God the hype on these two. Both in developmental league...Ignite or overtime or one of those. But they didnt develop. at all. They cannot shoot, at all. You want a dictionary definition of broken shot. Watch them. Oh, and Marvin Bagley is the lasting legacy of vlade divic. ___Chicago is , along with charlotte, worst team in league.

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