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October 29, 2017

The NBA... made better

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Subscribe to The Second Arrangement and you can tune in to a nightly lineup of boffo entertainment. Chief among the set is Behind the Boxscore, a monologue spent smirking at the most recent NBA action, set to entertain and inform in equal parts. Get Kelly’s take on nearly every NBA game of the season.

From there the music will play you over to all matter of chatter – splayed out in the form of funky pieces zeroed in on the latest batch of league news, alongside one on one interviews with guests from the world of sports and beyond. “Beyond” could mean anything, and the structure will suit the words spoken. The Second Arrangement is a home for lovers of basketball, Steely Dan, stand-up comedy, and near everything in between.

Some recent (free) articles:

Who is Kelly Dwyer?

Kelly is a sportswriter from the American Midwest whose work has appeared at Yahoo, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated’s website. He’s been at this since 1997, when he began writing about the NBA for a website called OnHoops. He has also appeared on ESPN’s Outside the Lines, NPR, dozens of local TV and radio shows, and boasts an ungodly number of podcast appearances. Fellow sportswriter Eric Freeman recently asserted that Kelly “basically invented the dominant mode of internet basketball writing” and Woj called him “one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with.”

Follow him on Twitter @KDonhoops, and follow The Second Arrangement at @TSArrangement.

From the subscribers...

Kevin Arnovitz, ESPN: “Kelly Dwyer was a pioneer in the NBA blogosphere and remains the soul of basketball writing. It's impossible to read anything Kelly writes about the NBA without breathing in his style, knowledge and sheer passion for the league he loves.”

Dan Devine, Yahoo Sports: “There are so many different kinds of people who do so many things to cover the NBA – newsbreakers, talking heads, columnists, bloggers, screaming heads, podcasters, exploding heads. There isn't anybody who does what Kelly Dwyer does, though. He is singular, and irreplaceable, and inarguable. I'm one of the many (many, many) fans and writers whose understanding of, and love for, the NBA was aided and augmented by Kelly's work. Give him a read, and soon you'll be one of us, too.”

Trey Kerby, ‘The Starters,’ NBA TV: “We all watch games differently, but no one watches them anything like Kelly Dwyer. Just like [semi-obscure English guitar player with tall hair], Kelly reads the game on a different wavelength, then is able to synthesize it for the rest of us like [keyboardist from a Michael McDonald-affiliated soft rock project]. Plus, at The Second Arrangement, you’ll actually get those references properly filled in.”

J.E. Skeets, ‘The Starters,’ NBA TV: “For 10 years running, Behind The Boxscore has been a part of my daily morning routine. I get up, grab a coffee, and read KD's insightful (and often hilarious) takes on basketball, music, comedy, and cats. It's bloody perfect. He once used Jeff Ruland as a verb and, yep, I'm still laughing. Seriously. Google that dude sometime. What a look.”

Curtis Harris, basketball historian: “No one combines pop culture asides, musical tangents, and basketball analysis with the sarcastic sincerity of Kelly Dwyer. Where else can I hope to find Joel Embiid and Michael McDonald cogently compared than within the confines of Dwyer's mind and digital realm of The Second Arrangement?”

John Schuhmann@johnschuhmann

BtB is an essential part of my daily note-taking & always good for 2-3 LOL lines. KD puts in the work that's well worth the subscription.

November 18, 2017

In other words, @KDonhoops gives us the antithesis of hot takes: Deep takes camouflaged as hot impressions.

November 4, 2017
Loren Lee Chen@LorenLChen

Follow @KDonhoops wherever he goes until he files a restraining order.

October 27, 2017

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